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China Stands Firmly With The World In Virus Fight

Release date:2020-03-20     Author:     Visitors:20023

After nearly 2 months hard struggling with coronavirus, China’s epidemic has been completely controlled now. Many cities in China have resumed normal production and living order. 
As a responsible country, China never stop the steps of fighting with the virus especially now epidemic is spreading across the world. At the moment, China has strengthen international cooperation on novel coronavirus epidemic control and provided assistance to countries affected by the epidemic. 
In face of this issue, no country can stay aloof since we all live in a united world and virus has no borders. Every country should united as one to fight against the epidemic. Only united, we can win this fight.
This is no “just a flu”! Chinese people especially Wuhan people impressively know how horrible the virus is. So please pay more attention to this virus and protect yourself as fully as possible. 
GINTEC Team is anxious about our customers especially who live in the center of epidemic. We sincerely hope every customer can fully protect himself when working outside. We hope
everyone can get through this hard time and a peaceful, healthy world will come back again soon.