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Technical Features of GINTEC ADM Array Displacement Meter

Release date:2020-07-27     Author:     Visitors:9497

Recently we summarize the technical features of our ADM series Array Displacement Meter. Feature 1 to 4 are the mainly technical innovation features. Especially Feature 4: sectional installation design, it’s a new innovation design, we just pass the test in last month. With this design, users are free to combine ADM’s length in field project, very efficient and convenient.

Product Name: Array Displacement Meter

Model NO. ADM

1. Highly integrated design, stable data

The ADM series array displacement meter adopts a highly integrated chip, which integrates MEMS (micro-electro mechanical system) and temperature sensor on a tiny chip. It is highly integrated design that perfectly eliminates the inter-axis system error and guarantees stability of data collected by ADM. The data collected by ADM fluctuates only between -0.01mm and +0.01mm in static experimental environment.


2. Accurate three-axis direction calibration

ADM array displacement meter is respectively calibrated for X, Y, Z axis at each segment before assembling. After assembling, whole ADM is calibrated again to ensure the accuracy of X, Y and Z in all direction. Then it can reliably predict the deformation trend in engineering applications.


3. Torsion correction, reliable accuracy

All ADM series array displacement meters are equipped with anti-torsion function, which can correct the rotation deviation of the inclinometer casing in real time. After torsion correction, the displacement resolution can be as high as 0.01mm(For 500mm segment), and the displacement accuracy can be as high as ±0.5mm (Use sample as 32m length).



4. Sectional installation design

ADM series array displacement meter innovatively adopts the sectional installation design. User can freely assemble the array displacement meter according to the depth of the measuring hole, which truly achieves the flexibility and freedom of splicing installation. It is also the first and only flexible inclinometer that supports section installation currently in the world.

This design solves the question of error borehole’s depth in real project. In some situation, users can’t get the exact depth of borehole, it’s difficult to decide the length of ADM. With this new design, users can assemble different length segments together in the field.



5. Fully automatic 4G transmission

The ADM series array displacement meter adopts 4G network to collect and transmit data automatically. No need to go to the work site for manual collection, after first installation, the data transmits data back to the cloud software. You can check the data from the cloud platform on any device in real time.


6. High frequency real-time collection

ADM adopts high-frequency MEMS sensors. Data collection frequency can be up to 1 time/1s, which truly solves the requirement of data monitoring in real time. The returned data can truly reflect the condition of the inclinometer at all times.

With High frequency, ADM can be applied in some special and urgent project. Users can monitor the data in every second, this is very important in some high frequency project, such as settlement of the bridge.


7. -40℃~~+60℃ temperature range compensation

ADM Array Displacement Meter innovatively uses the secondary temperature precision compensation and calibration algorithm, which can achieve multiple temperature precision compensation and calibration of multiple sensors. It truly achieves the application of temperature compensation and calibration from -40°to 60°, ensuring the measurement accuracy and stability of the array displacement meter. 


8. Reserve the secondary development port to ensure equipment compatibility

The data analysis of ADM series array displacement meter is all completed by the data collector. Users only need to parse the data transmission protocol to transmitthe monitoring data to other software.


9. Multi-function monitoring applications

ADM series array displacement meter can be vertical installed to monitor horizontal deformation. Besides, it can be annular installed to monitor tunnel convergence. Moreover, it can be horizontal installed to monitor ground settlement. One ADM can meet the needs of different usage scenarios.


10. Humanized installation design, efficient and safe construction

In order to solve the installation problem, we designed the installation reel and the installation kit. The installation reel saves time and labor work during the entire installation process. The installation kit guarantees that the ADM array displacement meter closely adhere to the inner wall of the inclinometer casing, then accurately monitor the inclinometer deformation.

For the convenience of transportation, we use a totally new packing way. The size is smaller than before, it’s easy to carry.

                                                     New packing pic                                                              Installation kit theory