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GINTEC Team's Happy Tour of Shanxi

Release date:2020-07-29     Author:     Visitors:15559

Last week, GINTEC team organized a pleased tours to Shanxi province. Tourist sites of this journey included the buddhist holy land--- Mount Wutai, the ancient town of Shanxi merchants---Pingyao and the famous historical architecture--- Qiao Family Courtyard.


During climbing the Mount Wutai (Altitude:2796m), we cheered up and helped each other. Standing on the top of the mountain, we enjoyed the beauty and broad of nature.


In Pingyao Ancient Town and Qiao Family Courtyard, we not only experienced the ancient folk architectural art, but also learned the culture and spirits of Shanxi merchants. Especially the spirits of Shanxi merchants, really gave us deep impression. Fine qualities of perseverance, generosity, intelligence, hard efforts, commitments to credibility and stress on righteousness, all of these good spirits deserve us to admire and follow forever.