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A Long-term Cooperation with Foif

Release date:2020-08-17     Author:Wyatt     Visitors:14645


Recently, after a series of visits and communication, we, Gintec team, have reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Foif. Through friendly negotiation, we both believe that Gintec team will greatly assist Foif in product quality improvement in the next few years and will also promote the sales and promotion of Foif instruments.

After long-term technical training, we have a deeper understanding of the optical instrument measurement principle; After disassembling many instruments, we also gained much more new experience about installation and use of instruments.

At the same time, we are expanding our new product line, including a variety of instruments such as Total Station & Optical level & Electronic level. In the future, we will also consider the technology promotion of Robotic Total Station. Under the premise of quality assurance, we will continue to serve surveyors all over the world and strive to provide world-class surveying and mapping products.