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ADM in Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project

Release date:2020-11-09     Author:     Visitors:14307

“Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project” is the largest water resource project in Guangdong province in terms of pipeline length — 113.2 kilometers — and the geographical area receiving water. It is also the world's largest water resources project in terms of water pressure and tunnel shield length. To protect the ecological environment, the pipelines will be installed 40 to 60 meters underground. The project is designed to divert water from the Xijiang River to the densely populated eastern part of the PRD, an area currently mainly supplied by the Dongjiang River.

The project includes a 90.3-km trunk line, two sub-trunk lines, one branch line, three pump stations, and a new regulating reservoir, along the 113-km underground pipeline route.

This project, expected to cost 33.9 billion RMB (US$5.4 billion) and take 60 months to build.


In order to ensure the safety of construction, the monitoring work of geological deformation is necessary. The excavation of shaft well is the first step to work, during excavation, we must measure the horizontal deformation value. In each shaft well, it has 4 boreholes to measure.


The 4 boreholes are LGIN1-1, LGIN2-1, LGIN3-1 and LGIN4-1. In the current stage, LGIN1-1 and LGIN2-1 are installed our ADMS-500 Array Displacement Meter.

Borehole: LGIN1-1

Device: ADMS-500

Depth: 68.5m

Collection Frequency: 1 time/1 hour


Borehole: LGIN3-1

Device: ADMS-500

Depth: 69m

Collection Frequency: 1time/1hour


Below picture is the specification of ADMS.


In order to save the solar power with maximum efficiency, we use D200 Data Collector. When it’s not measuring, it will enter sleep mode to save power.

Below picture is the specification of D200 Data Logger.


Below is the installation of site.


Finally, it is the measuring data, we use the LGIN1-1’s data as sample.

Collected Data:


X, Y Profile Chart:


Displacement Chart: