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Why Does ADM Just Configure with 2 Sets of Wheels?

Release date:2021-01-14     Author:     Visitors:11298

Our ADM is configured with two sets of wheels. One set is on the last segment, the other set is on the first segment(as show below figure). For example, ADMS has 20 segments, one set of wheels is on the 1st segment, the other set is on the 20th segment.


1. Why ADM need configure with wheels?

Inside standard inclinometer casing, it has 4 grooves. Because inclinometer casing is fixed in the borehole, sometimes it may have water or other things inside. With wheels, it will be easy to install ADM in inclinometer casing.


Usually, one groove direction of inclinometer casing towards to the deformation direction which is needing monitored. The wheels’ direction of ADM is same as the direction of Mark line on probe. When we put down ADM, we only need ensure the wheel is in the groove. Then ADM can get the deformation value of the Monitored direction directly.


2. Why does ADM just configure with two sets of wheels, is it possible to install wheels in each node?


From theory, it’s possible to install wheels in each node. It doesn’t have effect on accuracy. But in real project, we just install wheels in 1st node and last node. Because:

a. If we install too many wheels on ADM. When we put down ADM to the inclinometer casing, wheels will increase the friction between ADM and inclinometer casing. Then it will be much difficult to install ADM.

b. Some projects just require 1 year or 2 years’ monitoring of deformation. In this case, ADM can be recycled to other projects. With too many wheels, it will be difficult to recycle.

c. Too many wheels can’t improve the accuracy of ADM, but it will increase the cost.

So finally, we don’t suggest to install too many wheels, just two sets are enough.