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G20M: Once you buy, you won’t regret.

Release date:2021-03-11     Author:Wyatt     Visitors:8632

In recent years, with the rapid development of Beidou industry, the form of market competition is increasingly fierce. In this situation, the Gintec Team needs to do more than just help customers complete their projects. We also need to figure out how to innovate, how to bring the dividends of technology development to customers so that they can get higher quality results.

Based on this, the Gintec team has launched a new high-precision product--G20M, which takes the appearance of miniaturization and lightweight as the main features. The small size of 100mm*100mm*61.5mm and the light weight of 555g are much easier to carry out for surveying.



After more than half a year of continuous debugging and experiments, the stability of G20M is gradually improved, and the operation is more and more convenient. It has been highly recognized by different customers in many countries and has helped them solve plenty of problems.

Over the years, the Gintec Team has been working on GNSS RTK research and technology improvement. Gintec Team is constantly striving for more accurate positioning services and better user experience to make global positioning technology more popular and convenient.