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How to Define the XYZ Axis of ADM

Release date:2021-05-08     Author:     Visitors:4609

ADM has 3 different installation model: Vertical, Horizontal and Curve. In different model, the definition of XYZ direction is different.

(1) Vertical installation in borehole (Inside inclinometer casing) to monitor the deformation value in horizontal.The X axis is the mark line direction, Y axis and Z axis have Right-Handed-Coordinate System rule with X axis.


(2) Horizontal installation to monitor the settlement of surface.

When ADM is installed in horizontal to monitor the settlement. The Z axis is mark line’s direction, X axis and Y axis have Right-Handed-Coordinate System rule with Z axis.  When is in horizontal installation, the value of Y axis is always 0.


(3) Curve Installation in tunnel to monitor the convergence of tunnel.

When ADM is installed in curve. The Mark line is touched with the wall of tunnel. Z axis towards to the top of tunnel, X axis and Y axis have Right-Handed-Coordinate System rule with Z axis.



(4) All coordinate system must have an original point to define the value. In ADM system, we can call this point as Reference Point, Original Point. It has two selections

(a)  With cable side (near cable end)



(b) Without cable side (Far tip end)


(5) For the configuration of different installation model and original point, we need send commands to apply.


Command Format: $HUASI,SET,MODEL,,,*


     Return Format: $HUASI,SET,MODEL,,,,OK*



Original Point Explain:



Installation Model Explain:



    Example command to apply:





         Explain---Set ADM(220086)  as Original Point: With cable side

                       Installation mode: vertical