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The First GINTEC Cup Badminton Match Was Successfully Completed!

Release date:2021-05-28     Author:     Visitors:2416

After more than 1 month’s fierce competition, the First GINTEC Cup Badminton Match was successfully completed!  And the champion of the First GINTEC Cup Badminton Match was born!  Frank has won both the men’s singles match and mixed doubles match! Congratulations!


The Second GINTEC Cup Badminton Match will be held in August. After two months of practice, it will definitely be a more intense competition. Let’s wait for it!


Life moves on, and exercise goes on. The coronavirus epidemic is not over yet. In such special period, we should pay more attention to physical exercise as well as personal safety protection. Through this badminton match, everyone in GINTEC now becomes more active in exercising. Be stronger, be healthier, and be happier!