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ADM--To Be Your Trusted Monitoring Solution

Release date:2021-08-24     Author:     Visitors:17027

Recently GINTEC Automatic Deep Displacement Monitoring Instrument—ADM Flexible Inclinometer has been purchased in large quantities by Singapore buyers and widely applied in large monitoring projects.


After years of research, GINTEC team has deeply understood in deep displacement monitoring. Based on steady application for more than three years in Chinese mainland, now we begin to promote the technology and products overseas step by step.  


ADM--To Be Your Trusted Monitoring Solution.



Automatic data transmission and real-time analysis

High collection frequency: up to 1Hz



Torsion correction

Temperature compensation


High accuracy

3-axis calibration

Displacement resolution: 0.005mm@500mm


Flexible installation

Extendable segment assembly: node extend design

Horizontal, vertical and arc installation