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Monitoring Project with ADMV From Netherlands

Release date:2021-11-09     Author:     Visitors:17246

Recently our customer from Netherlands has a monitoring project. The ADMV Array Flexible Inclinometer needs be installed at a harbour to monitor quay wall. Before installation, before construction, it has several serious questions, we fixed them one by one. Finally, one 36.5m chain of ADMV was installed, and the data is very stable. Here we share some Q&A of this project.


Question 1:There is no standard inclinometer casing, it only has a metal pipe, its inside size is 30mm*30mm, does ADMV can be installed inside?


Answer:The maximum diameter of ADMV is 25mm, it’s no problem.


Question 2:Party A doesn’t allow to install solar devices on site. All the logger must be put in a special control room, it’s 700m far away from site. It will use a 700m cable to supply power and acquire data. Does this affect data acquisition?

Answer:For this project, we update the hardware of our C2000 logger. Normally, the output voltage of C2000 is 9V. We increase the output voltage to 20V, then it works with 700m cable normally. For the extend cable, customer purchased in local market, the cable should be “Shielded Twisted Pair”.


Question 3:Is it necessary to prepare a computer in the control room to calibrate raw data?

Answer:Needn’t. C2000 logger has Linux system on it. You can treat C2000 as a small computer, we already install Calibrate Tool on C2000. So C2000 can calibrate raw data automatically. It will output X,Y,Z coordinates directly.


Question 4:We have our own cloud software, is it difficult for our software to use your data?

Answer:No, it’s very simple. C2000 has 4G module inside, it can send data with 4G directly. And the data can be saved in FTP/SFTP/FTPS server with .CSV format. Your software only needs to read the data in CSV.

 The folder path is: SFTP Folder/Serial number of C2000/Serial number of ADMV/Year/Month. For example, Serial number of C2000 is HS421900008, the serial number of ADMV is 901248. I want to check the data in September, then its path is:SFTP Folder/HS421900008/901248/2021/09


The ADMV Array Flexible Inclinometer was installed in 12th October.  The data is stable, ADMV successfully starts to show deformation trend.