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Enjoy The Sport! Enjoy The Life!

Release date:2021-11-11     Author:     Visitors:17118

After two months of fierce competition, the champions of the Second GINTEC High-Accuracy Cup Badminton Match were finally born!

Mr. Zhang,  won the men’s singles match!

Annie,  won the women’s singles match!

Karen and Ivan,  won the mixed doubles match!


Congratulations to all of them!

Also give warm applause to other people who make great efforts for this competition!


The badminton match not only exercises ourselves and strengthens our health, but also improves the friendship and cooperation among colleagues, which is further conducive to the development of work.


The original intention of the competition is to let everyone in our company enhance their physical quality and increase the happiness of life through sports!


Next year, we of course will continue this badminton match and also will develop various forms of competition, like table tennis, swimming, board games, etc.

Let’s look forwards to wonderful 2022!