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Key features of pipeline 3d Attitude Measuring instrument

Release date:2021-11-12     Author:GINTEC     Visitors:17072

"Highest measurement accuracy", this is the industry reputation of our Pipeline Attitude Measuring instrument. In fact, in addition to precision, we have made a lot of efforts in engineering adaptability and measurement robustness, the details are as follows.


1、The rest time of the nozzle is only 60 seconds

As we all know, when the pipeline attitude measuring instrument is measuring the pipe, it needs to stand still for a period of time at the mouth and tail of the pipe to initialize the internal measuring unit. Different companies have different requirements for the rest time, some of which are as long as 2-3 minutes, while the recommended rest time of DaTie is 60 seconds. Even for the long pipe of more than 1000 meters, 90 seconds is enough. Don't underestimate the 1-2 minute optimization, which greatly reduces the operation difficulty of the measuring personnel in the harsh environment such as power Wells, and is also conducive to the improvement of static quality.

2、You can move forward or back

Our instrument is designed with three steering wheels to ensure the accuracy of the range measurement in all directions and with the optimization of the algorithm, the instrument is not afraid of repeated back and forth in special measurement conditions. In the actual measurement process, because of the tube conditions or winch problems, the need to back and forth events often occur, so the instrument for the actual situation of the robust control is very important.

3、The speed of measurement is safely

In order to overcome zero drift, some manufacturers blindly pursue fast measurement to shorten the measurement time, but the actual measurement conditions are often not so ideal, too fast traction speed leads to the measurement staff in a hurry, not easy to deal with and too fast winch operation is also more unsafe. The traction speed that our instrument recommended is 0.8 m/s - 1.2 m/s, a little slower doesn't make a difference, even stopping the measurement for a few minutes will not make a big difference to the results of the measurement. Regarding this function, we can do that.


4、Easy operation of Man-machine interface

Although it has greatly increased the difficulty of instrument protection design, we still insist on the design of operation panel and USB interface on the instrument, it’s unique in the industry. With the support of USB, each measurement can be quickly and conveniently copied down for data pre-check with U disk. Ensuring the effectiveness of measurement to the greatest extent. After all, it is very difficult to remove the instrument or copy the data with external equipment in a muddy power well or in a survey site where the tow rope pulls back strongly

5、"Convenient" data processing

No manual cutting, no trial and error, our data processing is almost semi-automatic "Convenient" processing, as long as the necessary basic information is entered and selected, the rest can be left to the software

The above are some of our efforts based on the use. We will also dig out more pain points of field use, continue iterative optimization, bring better products to our customers, improve the measurement results and efficiency, and make the pipeline Attitude Measuring leap to a new level.