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Allowing the instrument to achieve the effect of maximizing the use of mechanisms needs to continue to explore the use of

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High -end experimental facilities is an important platform for scientific research . Reporters from October 14 meeting of Zhejiang University "985 Project" ( 2010-2013 ) the project construction phase inspection briefing was informed that the school in recent years focused on building a number of public service platform for laboratory instruments , laboratory equipment used in attempt to create "concentration sharing, open "mechanism , so that" the state has invested "no " lock " in the teaching laboratory , so that" objects " into the ultimate in " people " on the show a greater effect and broader value .

Zhejiang University Director of Development Planning LIU Ji-rong , in the " 985" and "211 " project continued support of the school's research and support conditions to be significantly improved, but also will produce new challenges , to solve the "buy " problem , but also to solve the experimental equipment "live " issue. "On one hand , a single research group or discipline of research funding on high-end equipment is relatively weak purchasing power , easy to form a low repeat purchase of equipment , and the equipment needed to be able to buy high-end case ; the other hand, academic and physical space scattered, also shared use of laboratory equipment constitute constraints . " LIU Ji-rong said , how to play the instrument more useless , the need for mechanisms of continuous exploration .

Generous investment , concentrating  funds to buy sophisticated equipment, building high-level experimental platform, is to try one . May 15, 2012 , China 's first with a spherical aberration correction level component analysis with atomic -level TEM - Chem-STEM in Yuquan Campus officially put into use, it is the school 's "high-end microscopy equipment and Functional Materials technology innovation platform " six " general "one. The platform is Zhejiang University "985 Project" key construction projects of three central special funds total investment of 45 million yuan, mainly to support atomic resolution electron microscopy technology-based high-end microscopic analysis test and Functional Materials Innovation. Platform has been completed, the school's physical sciences research , personnel training, academic development , such as electron microscopy instrument development to provide strong support , but also for the Peking University , Tsinghua University and other famous universities provided material microstructure test analytical services , is gradually becoming internationally have considerable influence on the high-end electron microscopy techniques and functional materials research center .

Greater demand for laboratory equipment to establish an open mechanism , is to try the two . China Academy of Medicine in the segment tree under the auspices of other professors , professors are not only "contribution" out by the " 985" , "211" funding for the purchase of 18 sets of large equipment, in the " experimental field" and "Internet management " has also made actively explore , with the network management, and sharing of the instrument . Because from scratch, Department of Medicine venue was very nervous to put his name Professor promos two rooms vacated space as a platform , the solution of the difficulty. Sharing platform now has 36 sets of large equipment , worth more than 30 million yuan , is divided into biochemistry, imaging, transgenic and other three sub-platform . Sharing platform to build an open network reservation system that allows teachers and students , regardless of time , regardless of the department outside the department , as long as there is a need you can always make an appointment . Platform since its inception in December 2010 , to achieve the "all-weather " open, most of the newly purchased equipment running at full capacity . In Zhejiang University Laboratory and Equipment Management Office website "hot instrument " on the list , there are three instruments of Medicine has been ranked the top three , five instruments into the top ten .

Construction of high-quality experimental technical team, is to try the three . Management structure is irrational , poor stability, low quality schools have restricted the development of experimental support system is one important factor . Zhejiang University College of testing and management platform to try building workforce , combined with school personnel classified management system reform , the use of incentives , so that some teachers from research and teaching post instead specialize in equipment management and student training . By construction , there are currently hundreds of students to obtain the experimental induction certificate , instrument open 24 hours a day , research more efficient and praised by teachers and students . According to the relevant person in charge of Personnel , the school has been targeted in recent years, the introduction of high-level laboratory technicians , meanwhile, stepped up training and assessment , laboratory technicians overall level gradually improved. Public platform for the construction of schools in staffing has also made ​​special arrangements to protect the platform dedicated technician team building .

"These laboratory equipment sharing platform construction, not only on where the discipline personnel training and scientific research produced a positive effect , but also enhance the whole country against internal and external radiation related disciplines ." LIU Ji-rong said. "985 Project" under the support of marine science and technology innovation platform , under construction Abstract Sabal Island marine environment observation platform , will enhance our perspective of Marine Environmental Monitoring levels of environmental protection and the promotion of coastal marine ecosystems, understanding the interaction , improve the marine environment and governance research level to provide technical support.

Public platform of exploration and practice , for the next school development and accumulated experience , but also laid a good foundation . But in the interview, the relevant departments and across disciplines professors agreed that the next step, the sharing of laboratory equipment there is a big space exploration , including laboratory equipment and support staff on how to build a high level of service ? Physical space scattered how to solve the problem , how to achieve the shared space for experimental platform ahead of the layout ? These problems may require further in-depth study and practice of exploration.