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New Total Station M8 Released Now!

Release date:2022-01-24     Author:Wyatt     Visitors:13223

In response to the requirements of new and old customers, after unremitting efforts and testing, Gintec Team is now launching a new total station-M8
This is an economical engineering total station with good product performance and inexpensive price. 
2“ angle measurement accuracy, 2+2 ppm distance accuracy, ups to 800m Reflectorless EDM. 
M8 total station has high requirements in many aspects like shafting, angle measurement, ranging and other components.  

For example, our vertical shaft adopts 180 rolling steel balls without clearance, which ensures the accuracy of horizontal angle, reduces shaft failure rate and maintenance cost.

In addition, we are now developing the joint use of M8 and RTK surveying software, which can use the software to control total station for surveying, staking out, so that it is more convenient to calculate.
You can easily realize these functions through software, such as Resection Station, Missingg Line measurement (MLM), Remote Elevation Measurement (REM), etc. 
More importantly, the data between RTK and TS can be shared now, no need to import and export data frequently only to get a  coordinate.