Project Cases

AFIC in Highway's Landslide Project

Release date:2022-06-22     Author:     Visitors:5943

Here we share a project of applying AFIC array flexible inclinometer.

This project is in a slope beside the highway in Guangdong Province.


The hole‘s depth is 44m, and the rock layer is below 20m, soil layer is above 20m. AFIC flexible inclinometer was installed in 20th April, 2022. Its displacement value was stable at 300mm. From 3th June, it started to rain heavily, it keeps raining every day and never stop. The soil layer started to move. In recent 4 days, it moved 10cm every day. In order to ensure the accuracy of the data, the relevant departments used 3 manual inclinometers to measure the nearby holes. Unfortunately, due to the large deformation in recent days, probes got stuck inside the inclinometer tube. From the deformation graphic, you can see now the soil layer already moves 1000mm.


Under the huge shear force, Manual inclinometer is no longer available. But AFIC is still uploading data in the frequency of 1 hour. The rain is heavy and continues, if soil layer slides at last, AFIC may also be cut off. But it has recorded enough data and can completely reproduce the deformation. This is impossible for Manual Inclinometer and IPI.