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4 Instrumentation enterprise technical centers certified by the state for the first 20 batches

Release date:2014-01-16     Author:     Visitors:118803

National Development and Reform Commission recently high-tech company for 2013 ( Section 20 D ) National Enterprise Technology Center intends to identify the list of the publicity . This batch list involves instrumentation industry enterprises , Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Technology Center , Jiangxi Sanchuan meter Technology Center , Henan Costar Group Ltd. Technical Center , Fiyta ( Group ) Co., Ltd. Technology Center , Ningxia Long Jining optical instrument Co., Ltd. technology Center .

In order to promote enterprise technology centers, National Enterprise Technology Center establishes the dominant position of enterprises technological innovation and investment . The main industries of the national economy of technological innovation ability and significant innovation performance play an important role model for enterprise technical centers. Country should identifies and gives corresponding preferential policies to encourage and guide enterprises to continuously to improve the capability of independent innovation . National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs , State Administration of Taxation State Enterprise are responsible for the identificationof Technology Center .  The National Development and Reform Commission guides the development of  the Enterprise Technology Center , and takes charge of the specific organization and evaluation of National Enterprise Technology Center  . National Enterprise Technology Center is organized annually once identified.

Accordance with the " National Enterprise Technology Center management approach" ( National Development and Reform Commission Order No. 53 ) and the " National Development and Reform Commission report on the organization in 2013 ( 20 batch ) National Enterprise Technology Center of the notice" ( Fa Gai Office High-Tech [ 2013 ] No. 542 ) the relevant provisions of the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments organized the 2013 ( 20th batch ) national Enterprise Technology Center of the trial work, initially proposed in 2013 ( 20 batch ) national Enterprise Technology Center intended to identify the list ( see table ) , are to be publicized . Publicity for the October 8, 2013 - October 14, 2007.