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German R & D laser rapid detection of water quality

Release date:2014-02-26     Author:     Visitors:128636

Berlin, Oct. 23 Xinhua electricity to keep water clean , water plant engineers need to keep a variety of water quality testing, both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Now, German researchers who adopt laser technology have introduced a rapid detection method of drinking water . In a few minutes he will get the test results .

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics Research recently published communique that a special infrared lasers drinking water plant can automatically analyze samples . The volume of this laser is only shoebox size . And  its working principle is that each compound has a specific absorption spectrum of molecules . Water samples with infrared laser radiation and the absorption spectrum of the types of compounds can be confirmed .

This infrared laser was on trial in Germany 's Black Forest region Kinzig River water industry. In six weeks time, this instrument will automatically detect samples of drinking water every three minutes . there were some 21,000 times , and the results are very accurate .

In addition to routine tests and analysis of drinking water , this instrument can quickly test out hazardous substances in water , which will help government departments to respond quickly to water pollution incident .