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Instrumentation industry had to face three major development gaps

Release date:2014-05-26     Author:     Visitors:118826

Professional training and research and development funds

Developing products and technologies require a lot of profesionals and funds . However , some domestic universities don't attach much importance on  professional courses of the instrumentation industry , which led to extreme  vacancy of professionals even no professional in instrumentation industry .

The second is the research and development funds . A large number of the domestic enterprises are not  independent to research and develop technology, because a new technology or a new product of research and development needs a quite large amount of  investment capital . Some companies that are reluctant to invest adopt others'  technology , which led to the domestic expertise behind. As a result, it will derail international instrument industry over time. What's worse, new products and technologies of foreign countries monopolize  domestic instrument industry .

Expanding the field of application instrumentation industry

Instrumentation industry has always been used in traditional service markets , such as metallurgy , thermal power and other industries. With the rapid change in market demand , more and more new industries begin to rise . Networking and new technologies , for example, smart grid,  develop rapidly. Food and drug safety and other needs in the area have also been highly concerned . Our country is strict with the state of energy utilization and environmental protection . Economic development environment is changing.And they  has provided the instrumentation industry  for a broad markets and new development opportunities  .

Technological innovation and high-end product development

With the economic and technological development, they are increasingly strict with automation control and detection techniques . So there exist in a large number of automated control and monitoring of new technologies and new products, such as, functional safety technology and safety instrumented systems , wireless sensor networks and wireless instruments, technology and high-end products. The gap between domestic and foreign enterprises is relatively large in these new technologies and new products. If you do not take effective measures to catch up, there may be a new round of monopoly of foreign products .

Currently, some middle and low product has a size advantage and competitiveness in international markets , such as ordinary digital multimeter and other products accounting for a large world production , household electric meter production capacity accounting for 50% of the world . However , the domestic high-end analytical instruments almost 100% are dependent on imports.

According to statistics, annual advanced equipment import  from abroad is near six hundred billion yuan , including a high-end technology and equipment involving national security that are prohibited from entering Chinese mainland . This situation forced domestic enterprises to change the original instrumentation R & D model , to the research and production of high-end analytical instruments direction. According to the Twelfth Five-Year Plan , China 's instrumentation industry treats high-end product market as the goal   in the next five years . They will vigorously strengthen the design , manufacturing and quality inspection capabilities , so that domestic products are greatly improved stability and reliability .

Dividing these developments are not half past one would be able to leap long road ahead , and perhaps encounter more frustrations and hardships. But as long as China Instrument people can find the right direction , and never give up ,.We will span the gap and creat a more prosperous instrumentation market. ( Source: machine via network )