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Inertial instrument of market prospect

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Recently, the "conversion technology transactions Pilot Project" was launched in Beijing . It was co-hosted by them, such as,the Ministry of Industry and nformation Technology Promotion Division combining military and civilian , Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee organized, China Technology Exchange , the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Science and Technology Information Institute.

Reference to " conversion" is reminiscent of the instrumentation industry had inertial instruments. In 1950s and 1980s , China's inertial instrument manufacturing enterprises were main mke up of  the aerospace, aviation, electronics and other state owned enterprises. Products are used in the aerospace , ship , vehicle navigation system. With the development of electronic industry , the application of inertial instrument is gradually expanding . The market develop  so rapidly   that inertial instruments gradually shift from a civilian by the military specificity .

Inertial instrument industry is a comprehensive, cross-cutting nature of high-tech advanced manufacturing industry , which is mainly used in a sensitive moving body in inertial space angular movement , line movement , then get moving body posture , position and speed and other information. It  has a wide range of applications in the aviation, aerospace, marine and oil , coal, automobile manufacturing, mechanical and electrical industry, electronic technology, control science and information technology and other fields . Inertial instrumentation technology has become an important symbol to measure  a country's scientific and technological level and defense strength.

Inertial instruments mainly includ the most basic accelerometers and gyroscopes ,accelerometers and gyroscopes from the inertial measurement unit and constituted by this combination and clearing unit, etc. constitute an inertial navigation system. Inertial instruments are various, such as, into the main quartz accelerometer accelerometers , liquid floated accelerometer , MEMS accelerometer, vibrating wire accelerometer , vibration Liang accelerometer and so. Gyroscopes are liquid floating , dynamic tuning , piezoelectric , MEMS type , fiber type, laser type and other types.

In the new century, China is facing the reunification of the motherland and resisting U.S. intervention to defend the Nansha and other complex issues of national security , precision-guided missile inertial instruments put forward higher requirements. We shall make all preparations to strengthen national defense construction, win a local war under high-tech conditions. Future wars under conditions of nuclear deterrence is information warfare . According to the characteristics of the war , we must focus on developing precision weapons  to achieve long-range precision strikes and non- contact combat ; vigorously improving air defense , missile defense , penetration , electronic and information warfare system, strengthen the local operational area of the air , the sea and electromagnetic power 's combat capability. Inertial instrument is the key to strengthen the development of weapons systems and improve the combat capability . Foreign liquid floating , flotation, static and dynamically tuned gyroscope technology are very mature and widely used. The U.S. electrostatic gyroscope random drifts better than 0.001 (°) / h, liquid floating gyro random drift of 0.001 (°) / h, DTG random drift of 0.006 (°) / h. In the aerospace and missile applications, Germany and France to the composition of flexible gyro strapdown system platforms and applications based. U.S. to flexible and fluid composition of floating platforms and gyro SINS -based applications . American and French laser gyro technology has been applied to the aerospace, aviation , most composed SINS . Zero bias stability is better than 0.01 (°) / h. Because  the gyroscope is not sensitive to many errors , and the large dynamic range of activities , from 0.01 (°) / h ~ 1000 (°) / s, and thus suitable for laser gyro SINS . And dynamically tuned gyroscope, liquid floating electrostatic gyroscope gyroscope and a significant proportion of applications . Fiber optic gyro strapdown inertial navigation system is the best inertial device . Because of their ease of integration , the cost can be greatly reduced, and thus has a strong competitive edge.

Axis , integrated , digital, modularity are the development direction of fiber optic gyroscope . Fiber optic gyroscope is widely used in the United States , Germany and Japan and other countries. With  the rapid development of science , technology and the world economy , information technology, biotechnology , aviation, aerospace , and environmental control and other areas continue to raise microns , and even nano- technology and higher requirements. This new micro and nano technology will lead to human understanding and transforming the world 's ability to produce a major breakthrough. Micron technology has been developed in the field of inertial technology and applications. Since the 1980s, the United States , Japan and some Western European countries attach great importance to micro and nano technology research and development. In the late 1980s, U.S. Draper Labs firstly developed a new micro- silicon vibrating gyroscope drift reached 10 (°) / h, recent close to 1 (°) / h of the practical stage . Currently cantilever can do the following 0.1mg bias stability , scale 100g, scale factor error 0.01%. Silicon micro inertial devices are low-cost, low accuracy range , in terms of dual-use technology will have broad market.

Laser and fiber-optic gyroscope gyroscope are a new generation laser gyro inertial device that is the use of the optical path difference to measure angular velocity (Sagnac effect ) . Currently precision laser gyroscope mirror reflectivity requirements better than 99.95% , the scattering rate of 0.01% to 0.02%. The stability of the scale factor depends on the size of the blocking threshold . In order to improve the precision of laser gyro snake , need to take speed off-frequency technology . Now, laser gyro has been widely used in civil aircraft and military helicopters , began to replace the dynamically tuned gyroscope (DTG).

The rapid development of demands in automotive industry , consumer electronics, petroleum exploration and other fields  stimulate  the rapid growth of demand of the inertial instrument industry . As an inertial guidance system taht is an important component of inertial component, it's application prospects are very bright in guided weapons system .

However, the high-end inertial instruments belong to prohibit the export of products . Domestic inertial instrument manufacturing enterprise skill levels are diffetent. Most manufacturing enterprises'  technology  is backward. Still hand-assembled for a large proportion , technological development capacity is insufficient , in some important areas , compared to the level of domestic presence in the international advanced level than large gap , mainly reflected in: accumulated technology gap with the international advanced level of inertial instruments most of the enterprises have a long history of research and development , through the formation of long-term technology accumulation technological advantage . In China, the main research instrument inertia forces concentrated in a few specialized military enterprises and research institutes , most vendors developed a short history , small scale and accumulated technology gap with the international advanced level .

The gap between basic materials research and development of high-end inertial instruments requires sophisticated molds and high-performance base materials . At present, our country 's precision metal, plastic , wire are gradually narrowing the gap with international standards. But  there is a large gap between the level of precision molds and high-performance materials, , which restricts our inertial instrument technology level .

Inadequate investment in research and development of inertial instrument development and production -oriented enterprises generally based on the service industry , the lack of systematic and sustainable development ideas . Mainly relies on national investment , research and development of technology itself can not guarantee a large-scale investment.

In recent years , with the automotive, consumer electronics , aerospace , military equipment in the field of rapid development , China's inertial instrument market in the same pace as the world's fastest growing markets in the world . Some high-end manufacturers to catch up after years in R & D and manufacturing standards with the international advanced level gradually narrowing the gap , or even part of the technology has been leading the world level.

Of inertia instrumentation industry has fully entered the market competition stage, the market-oriented enterprises to operate independently , but its high- end products market development is not balanced. High-end products are mainly used in aerospace , aviation, navigation , weapons and other technical fields , production of many varieties, the characteristics of large quantities of its production enterprises , but twelve , product gross margin is generally high . The low-end low-margin products , new product development is lagging behind. In recent years , there has been the introduction of foreign technology companies manufacturing low-end products , and its products are mainly used in automotive , consumer electronics, product value is relatively low, large enterprises with foreign competition is very fierce.

At present, for inertial instruments , the favorable factors are gradually increasing . Information Technology is the world 's economic and social development trends . Using information to promote mechanization and to achieve leapfrog development has become China's basic policies. China's electronic technology and products are a critical period of renewal in the next five years. The national industrial policy support will enhance China's information technology equipment and systems integration capabilities. In the next five years, the domestic inertia instrumentation market prospectsis bright, mainly due to the downstream application industry continues to expand , to guide rapid growth in demand . The continuous improvement of products downstream industries inertial instrumentation industry raised new demands , a number of manufacturers of high-end products through increased technology investment, the introduction of advanced production equipment, and constantly improve the technical performance , the development of new products to meet market demand. Thus leading technology vendors get more profits , ensure continued investment in research and development and equipment to maintain dominance. At the same time , enhance the technical content of the industry also increased barriers to entry , to avoid vicious competition within the industry , to ensure the healthy development of the industry . Domestic industry focus faster. Given awareness of product quality , the application of instrumentation products inertial unit , while the importance of price , product quality system put forward new requirements for manufacturers R & D capabilities , delivery deadlines , quality assurance capabilities are put forward higher requirements, the need to provide enterprise -scale considerable ancillary services . Therefore, the survival of small producers getting smaller and smaller size of the business advantages of growing domestic inertia instrumentation industry concentration is increasing.