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Supergeo Expands Smart Mobile Solution for Cadastral Mapping

Release date:2016-05-10     Author:     Visitors:107858

Supergeo has announced the development of an international version of its SuperGIS mobile solution. The Mobile Cadastral app is a land management and cadastral survey work application developed for the Android platform. The international version will not only prepare the localisation on a country-by-country basis but will also provide a more convenient way to preprocess the cadastral data and base map. Mobile Cadastral GIS is developed through SuperGIS Runtime SDK for Android, which is designed for cadastral data positioning, query and measurement. Integrating GIS, GNSS and e-Compass technologies, this app assists surveyors in comprehending the current position and cadastral data and in conducting tasks more efficiently. Users of Mobile Cadastral GIS are able to position, display cadastral maps and overlay layers on mobile devices directly. This application also allows surveyors to record and manage waypoints and track data through the built-in GNSS for even greater traceability of the daily fieldwork.