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SurPad4.0 Surveying Software


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SurPad4.0 Surveying Software

SurPad4.0 is a GNSS surveying and mapping andriod software. It was designed for Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Construction Staking professionals to provide unequalled data collection simplicity and field calculating performance. 

SurPad 4.0 integrates RTK control, GIS data collection, road design and layout. 

SurPad4.0 software has outstanding graphic interaction, powerful functions and humanized operation:

*Advanced roading, surfacing, slope staking, smart points.
*DXF & LandXML import/export, and full RTK support.
*Local Geoid File and Grid file support.
*Graphical staking in grid, compass and map views.
1. Full RTK GNSS support.
2. Multiple language.
3. Powerful CAD function.
4. Multiple coordinate system.
5. Road design and stakeout.
6. Powerful COGO tool.
7. FTP shared data.
8. Dynamic toolbar.