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Technical Support

1.Suggest Network faliure, connection timeout,connection GPRS network timeout

Please check up if the antenna is connected and the internet signal is normal

2.Suggest no SIM card or SIM card error

 Please check up the SIM card is inserted or damaged

3.Suggest connection error - access point error

Please check up if the access point is set well

Please check up the base station is online.

4.Suggest connection error-setup mode failure

Please check up if the connection mode is correct

5.Before using radio to emit data , remembering connect matching transimiting antenna at first ,or the device will be easily damaged.

6. After seting the work mode as base station or rover station, restart the device, find last setting is not saved. This error partly due to the disk error, just format the disk to solve the problem.

Use cable which one side connection is usb,the other is 4-pins,plug it into computer usb port as well as U disk ,then right-click and format it in computer.